For women who love football, and for men who love it when women know the football game. – Pep Guardiola, “The genius coach of modern football”, as he is called by majority of football managers, professional players and pundits, is on his way to English Premier League(Source: ESPN). The young Spaniard made the announcement in an official press conference last month, although he still has 4 months remaining into his contract at Bayern Munich.
Criticized by Bayern Munich fans for not repeating the same glories as his predecessor, Guardiola has set his eyes on the lucrative and competitive English Premier League as his next destination. The question is, which club team will he take reign of?

Reportedly, there is several English Premier League clubs competing for his contract signature, but the most serious ones are reportedly Manchester United and Manchester City.

Here we will discuss which Manchester team he will likely join and why?


Manchester City: The fifth most valuable club is owned by Abu Dhabi Royal family, yet the manager is given full authority to buy any player he wants, without interference of owners. Since 2013, the team has been coached by Manuel Pellegrini. Over the recent years, Chilean tactician has kept the team in balance by being consistently among the top 4 English teams.

The most notable glory is winning English Premier league title back in 2013-2014. They have also appeared at all Champions League games in recent years; Although they could not go past Round of 16 of Champions League. In 2013-2014, Manchester City were drawn against reigning Champions, Barcelona, which led to their elimination from Competition. And in following season, they were drawn against Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich team, which they were outpaced by Bavarians in 2nd leg-match. Currently placed in 3rd spot, 1 point shy of table-leaders, Arsenal, again they have a great chance of qualification to Champions League next season. Definitely, something their Persian Gulf investors see lacking in this team is UEFA Champions League glory, and they are looking for a tactician who has experience of UEFA Champions League glory.

Manchester United: The Red Devils have a different story,as they are perfect example of a team in crisis. Their legendary title-winning manager, Alex Ferguson, retired in 2013 and ever since they have tried out 3 different managers, with millions in new transfers, but the team have yet to see a good day.

In 2013-2014, the first season following their coach’s retirement, they finished 7th in English Premier league, even worse they missed out on Champions League and any other European competition in the following season. In 2014-2015, after splashing out millions for new players under their new manager, they managed to finish 4th in the league and made it to Champions League. As it stands, Manchester United is currently in 5th spot, 7 points off the table leaders. If their games remain as rocky as it is now, they will again miss out on Champions League qualification for next season.

Between Manchester United and Manchester City, Manchester United is definitely more in crisis, requiring more urgent help, than does Manchester City:

Manchester City has already won English Premier League title and a League Cup in the past 3 years. They have qualified for Champions League games every season, and have been competitive in all their Champions League appearances.Whereas, Manchester United has not won any title since 2013 and have missed out on European Champions League most recently, and may miss out again next season.

The caliber and importance of Manchester United as a famed brand and established club in English football cannot be disputed either. Whereas, in Manchester City’s case, fair or not, any success by the club is associated with their rich owners’ spending-spree, not their history or competitiveness.

To put all into perspective, Pep Guardiola can make his mark more at Manchester United. They need him more desperately at Old Trafford, and he has a unique chance that whatever he achieves under his reign, will outperform his predecessors. Even better, he will be the manager of one of the most well-known football clubs in the World, with immensely royal fan-base. It will be up to Pep Guardiola if he wants to take this challenge, but if he does, it may turn out to be his best managerial chance he has ever faced. – As appeared on

The most prestigious national football competition in Europe is just around the corner. In Summer 2016, France will host the most important National football competition in Europe. Euro Cup is a competition among elite qualified European football countries. Similar to World Cup games, Euro Cup games are held every 4 years. If fans recall, Euro Cup 2012 Final was a breathtaking match between Spain and Italy, in which Spain came out victorious in a 4-0 win.

However, as of this time and for the first time in this competition, number of teams has increased from 16 teams to 24 teams. Whether, that will affect the qualify of Euro Cup games, that remain to be seen.

I have already applied for tickets for a chance to watch few Euro Cup games in 2016. Prior to applying for my ticket, I was puzled with several questions such as ticket price range and venue of the games, I thought to share the most commonly asked questions regarding Euro 2016.

Which cities will host Euro Cup 2016 games?
10 cities in France are set to host the games. All major cities in fact. Amongst them, beautiful harbour cities as well.  The host cities are: Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse.
The opening match will kick off on Friday June 10th in Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis- a suburb of Paris- which is located just 9km North of Paris.

When and where will be the Final game of Euro 2016?
The exhilarating Final match will be held on Sunday July 10th at Stade de France in Saint Denis, which is suburb area North of Paris.

How long is Euro Cup 2016 games?
Euro Cup 2016 games will last for one month. The opening game will kick off on June 10th and the Final or the last game of the Competition will be on July 10th.

Which teams will play in Euro Cup 2016?
Starting in this competition, 24 teams- increased from the usual 16- will compete for one Continental glory. All European teams have already gone through qualifying games and 24 of the best teams have secured their spot in Euro Cup 2016. These 24 teams are(in Alphabetical order):
1.    Albania
2.    Austria
3.    Belgium
4.    Croatia
5.    Czech Republic
6.    England
7.    France
8.    Germany
9.    Hungary
10.    Iceland
11.    Italy
12.    Northern Ireland
13.    Poland
14.    Portugal
15.    Republic of Ireland
16.    Romania
17.    Russia
18.    Slovakia
19.    Spain
20.    Sweden
21.    Switzerland
22.    Turkey
23.    Ukraine
24.    Wales

Which top teams missed out of Euro Cup 2016?
Netherlands, Denmark, Scotland and Greece are well-known teams who failed to qualify to Euro 2016 games.

Which teams compete in each Group?

The draw for Euro Cup 2016 Group games were made in December, and 6 Groups are as follows:

Group A:

Albania, France, Romania, Switzerland

Group B:

England, Russia, Slovakia, Wales

Group C:

Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland, Ukraine

Group D:

Croatia, Czech, Spain, Turkey

Group E:

Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Group F:

Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal

What is the format of the games?
Since the number of teams has increased, so has the format of the games. 24 teams are grouped into 6 groups of 4 teams.  Top 2 teams from each group will advance to knock out stage.  Also, something else that is new is that the four best 3rd place teams of each group will also progress to the knock out stage. Therefore, 16 teams in total will advance to knock out stage(round of 16 games). In the knock-out stage, extra time and penalty shoot-out will decide the winner, if the result is a draw. In round of 16, only the winner of each match will advance to Quarter Finals. Then the top 8 teams will compete in Quarter Finals, and then top 4 will advance to Semifinals, until the best 2 teams go head to head in the Final match.

What is the price range of Euro Cup 2016 tickets?
Depending on the importance of the match and the location of stadium seats, the prices vary. But this chart by UEFA explains different pricing for each match:

Euro Cup 2016 Ticket Prices

Euro Cup Ticket Prices

In Group matches, the price range is between 25 Euro to 145 Euro. This price includes Tax but delivery cost is not included.
However, the price of Opening match is more expensive. The opening match, which according to the Draw will be between France and Romania, costs between 50 Euro to 450 Euro.

The price range of Round of 16 games in Euro Cup 2016 has the same price as Group matches: Between 25 Euro to 145 Euro.

The match prices increase for Quarter Final games. Quarter Final games will cost in the range of 45 Euro to 195 Euro.
Semi Final games will cost somewhere in range of 65 Eurp to 495 Euro.

Naturally the Final match will be the costliest match of the competition. The Final match price starts at 85 Euro and will go as high as 895 Euro for the best seating area of the stadium.

How is the seating arrangement in the stadium? What is the difference between Category 1 and Category 4 seats?
The seats of stadiums divided in 4 categories. The map below from UEFA shows the seating categories of stadiums:

Euro Cup Ticket category

Euro Cup Ticket category

Category 1 seats are centrally positioned seats, which really has the best view of the pitch.

Category 2 seats are mainly in the corners. The seats in corners do have a fairly good view as well.

Category 3 seats are behind the goals. The problem with seats behind the goal is that you almost miss out on goals scored on other side of the pitch. Although big screens are placed everywhere in the stadium. If one has a seat in upper part of Category 3, the eye view is not too bad though.

Category 4 seats are behind the goals and on the lowest and highest levels. Lets just say, if one gets a ticket in category 4 and in lowest level, they barely see anything with eye view, but fans would have better view in highest level behind the goal.

Fans of the participant teams will be located in the corners of the stadium.

How can I buy the tickets?
It is not too late to buy the tickets yet. Now that we know the draw of Euro Cup 2016 and exact matches, fans can apply for tickets knowing exactly which teams they would expect to watch.
You need to open an account on ticketing page of and then select the games you like to watch. Applicants can apply for up to 4 tickets for each match in one of the four price categories.

Tickets went on sale for public in December and until January 18th fans can apply for their favourite team’s tickets or single match tickets.  Then, new application will not be accepted until March, where ticket resale platform will be available during the months of March and April, where fans can sell and buy tickets from other fans. Tickets are allocated by draw and lucky applicants whom are allocated tickets, will be notified sometime in May 2016 by UEFA.

There are 2 types of tickets you can apply for:
–    Follow your favourite team – 32% of tickets will be allocated to this group. In this category, applicant will select their favourite team and can follow the team from Group stage all the way to the Final.
Each country has its own criteria to accept an applicant as that national team’s fan. For instance, France National team only accepts applicants who are registered member of “club des Supporters members”. Also, they expect the applicant to have French Nationality to apply for “Follow France team” category of tickets.
–    Buy single tickets without following a particular team – 42% of tickets will be allocated to general public. For instance, one may only want to watch a Quarter Final match. Then they will apply in “Single match ticket category”.

How many tickets are available? What are my chances?
A total of around 2.5 million tickets will be sold for 51 matches.

The demand for these games is massive. To put it into perspective, back in June 2016, when tickets went on sale for a month: 1M Tickets became available, but over 11M ticket requests were made!

What is the Mascot of Euro Cup 2016?
The Mascot of Euro Cup 2016 is an animated figure called “Super Victor”. Here is biography of “Super Victor”: I’m just an ordinary kid, like so many others! I was born in a small town in France. My father used to be a good footballer and, since a very young age, I have always loved playing football with my friends. I am not as good as my father was, but I am always trying to improve my skills. For me the most important thing when playing football is to have fun and play fair!

Euro Cup Mascot – As it was published on Soccer without Limits.

There will be another reason for Real Madrid fans to clench their teeth over their club’s dismal days: Real Madrid’s most prolific player, Cristian Ronaldo, will soon take the exit door of Stantiago Bernabeu and not look back.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Although the Portuguese star is at the end of his 6-years contract with Real Madrid, but there are other reasons why he would leave Madrid club. Madridistas, for too long relied on their all-time top goal scorer and Award-winning Striker:  Cristiano Ronaldo became the only player in football’s history to score 50 or more goals in 5 consecutive occasions, all while playing for Real Madrid.  So why then would any world’s well-known player shelve his trophies for a new adventure? We will discover why Ronaldo will soon take that path:

1.  Ronaldo’s Age & Goal drought:  While everyone is talking about sensational Lionel Messi, very few have noticed Ronaldo’s goal drought this season. It is not quite a goal drought- Rooney style- but never before at Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s goal tally were closely matched by his teammates. This season so far, Ronaldo has managed to score 10 goals in 14 appearances. Benzema, closely follows Ronaldo with superior efficiency of 8 goals in 9 games.  In comparison, last season by this time, Ronaldo had scored 17 goals in 14 games. Evidently, Ronaldo is currently far from his prime years. After all, Cristiano Ronaldo has hit the 30-years mark and that is a make or break age for football players. At this age and at the end of this season, whatever club he chooses will be his last club before he hangs up his football shoes.

2. Poor relationship with Benitez: Ronaldo’s character clash with Benitez may not be as dramatic as his past relationship with Mourinho, but there are reports indicating that Real Madrid’s disappointing games, Benitez’s no plan B in critical games, specially at recent humiliating 4-0 loss to Barcelona is drawing thin for Ronaldo. At the end of last season, prior to club director’s decision to replace the former manager, Carlo Ancelotti with Benitez, Ronaldo had strongly backed Ancelotti to remain at the club. But that came to deaf ears by club hierarchy. Despite being amongst the senior ranks of Real squad, Ronaldo is not treated as a senior figure of the squad.

3. Gareth Bale & Benitez’s support: Although Bale could never match the hype over his value at Real Madrid, under Benitez he no longer plays wide as right wing and instead he is being capitalized as the central man; A dream come true for Gareth Bale. That means, Benitez is planning to build Real Madrid team around Gareth Bale. With Ronaldo’s big ego in check, the Portuguese star sees his seniority and critical role under threat.

4. Ronaldo’s agent’s close relationship with Paris Saint German President: Cristiano Ronaldo’s famed agent, Jorge Mendes, is known for his close ties with Paris Saint German President, Nasser El-Khelaifi. Jorge Mendes was the one who worked closely with El-Khelaifi to bring Di-Maria from Manchester United to PSG. The very club that is strongly linked to Ronaldo’s future destination. In reports by Spanish press, Mendes was seen with El-Khelaifi in a posh restaurant last month; Most probably over Ronaldo’s future.

5. Ibrahimovic leaving Paris Saint Germain: If there is one player who matches Ronaldo’s ego, is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  If PSG is really the next destination for Ronaldo, the two of them would not make the friendliest bond upfront. However, Ronaldo does not need to worry as Zlatan is likely on his way out of PSG. The 34 years old Swedish striker, in recent interview with Yahoo Sport, indicated that “I would like to play in US, absolutely.”

Ibrahimovic leaving for MLS means the vacant forward position needs an immediate replacement at the end of the season, and unsatisfied Ronaldo will be the only big calibre player capable of filling Zlatan’s shoes.
When and if Ibrahimovic leaves PSG at the end of this season, amongst all the incoming calls from famed player agents, PSG President will surely answer his friend, Mendes’s call first.

In an era that women football players struggle to clear misinformed assumptions that football and femininity do not blend together, the quality is not there or that football is not a natural sport for them as it is for men, on one side of the world women footballers made history in the most extraordinary fashion.

In the first edition of Asian Futsal Championship, amongst all the participants Iran Futsal women team dropped jaws with their superior technical game, dominated the tournament and defeated women football heavyweights, Japan in the Final to take Gold Medal home for the first time in their history.

Iran women futsal team

Iran women futsal team – Image Credit: AFC

The story of Iran women Futsal team record takes a different meaning when we realize that all the players had to play with tight scarves, head covers, long-sleeve shirts and long pants, due to Iran’s restrictions on women’s outfit. Yet, their passion went behind such restrictions. The team initially had to grip with pre-tournament controversy that they were to miss their star player and Captain, Niloufar Ardalan for Asian Championship due to her husband’s disapproval of her participation. In Iran, men have the authority to prevent their women to exit the country. All they need is the refusal to sign their permission on their wives’ Passport. That is exactly what happened to Iran Futsal captain, when her husband- one of Iran Broadcasting TV crews- prevented her from leaving the country due to “Her responsibility for their child’s back-to-school week”. Niloufar Ardalan’s husband quickly made headline and faced backlash on Social Media, but not even this sober news could mar Iran Futsal team’s performance at the games.

Iran Futsal women team started the Tournament on strong note by gaining maximum points in Group stage, more than any other Group leaders, and then went on to semifinal to beat Thailand 1-0 and in a very dominant match, defeated Japan 1-0 in the Final. In comparison, Iran men Futsal team, at Asian games in 2014, were defeated by Japan in the Final.

That, while considering Japan has a long history in men and women football investment. Amongst which is their Futsal league for women. Yet, in Iran often times, Iran women Futsal players play in their Universities’ Futsal courts, with no dedicated Futsal court for national team, and with very low transportation budget. Amongst lucky ones who do have professional contracts, their salaries are as low as 15Mil Toman($6000), as attested by Fereshteh Karimi in her media interview. That in dark contrast to men team players earning as high as 1.5Bil Toman($500k). To make it worse, their games so far at Futsal World Tournament, Asian women Indoor games and West Asian games, have never been aired on TV by Iranian Broadcasting channel. In Iran, broadcasting Women football, just like women’s entry into stadiums are strictly forbidden.

Having no dedicated facility to hold training, having have to cover the head and full body, more restricted than other Iranian women on the streets, not being aired or interviewed on TV, losing the Captain, and yet training with passion to prove “impossible is nothing” is a beautiful picture that Iranian women Futsal team painted in this Tournament.

Kudos to the team’s outstanding goalkeeper Farzaneh Tavasoli who only let 3 goals in, marking the best defensive record of Asian Championship. Kudos to the team players who marked the best offensive record of the Tournament, specially MVP of the games with her Messi-inspired moves, Fereshteh Karimi for scoring most of the goals for Iran. Last but not least, kudos to the team manager, Forouzan Soleimani for getting the best out of all the limitations her girls had to face all along.

After successful Asian triumph by Iran women Futsal team, the Captain’s husband and his sexist move has put extra spotlight on an unfair rule and social injustice currently in place in Iran. At the same time, it once more proved to football fans that passion for football does not belong to a particular gender or border. Football is life, and football players and fans live Football. These celebrating Futsal girls of Iran, wrapped under mandatory covers, proved they live and breathe football and no one can stop them.

“I want to reach the semifinals of the Champions League with this squad”, said Pep Guardiola at the beginning of the season, aiming high for Bayern Munich in their quest to dominate UEFA Champions league. Although not as strongly hopeful, Guardiola also sets sight on their 3rd consecutive Bundesliga title under his reign, and 4th domestic Championship in 4 years. “Of course, we would like the championship. Nobody has managed the fourth championship, so that would be a big step. But we have strong competitors: not just Wolfsburg, but Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Monchengladbach, Dortmund and Schalke.”

Following the Award-winning Pep Guardiola’s arrival at Allianz Arena, the holy man of Tiki-taka doctrine has been under immense pressure by Bayern Munich fans, and former icons of the club in recent months. The team’s lengthy triangular passing, rather than a quick counterattack is a style Bayern Munich are not used to.

Just recently, Pep Guardiola was booed by a section of the Bayern Munich support ahead of their pre-season friendly against Real Madrid. That dissent followed former Bayern Munich star, Steven Effenberg’s prediction, “I am pretty certain Guardiola will no longer be in charge of Bayern after 2016,” said former Bayern star, in an interview with Sky Sports.

After all, Bayern Munich fans are quite familiar with Bundesliga title win. They have pride in their club for 24 league championship in Bundesliga’s history, higher than any other German club. Their Spanish coach too has delivered on all top-level Championships for the club except UEFA Champions League. Having won two championships, one DFB Cup, one Club World Cup and the European Super Cup, and having made two semifinal appearances in the Champions League with Bayern, the 44-year-old has provided a better return than any other top-level manager over the course of the past two seasons.

In contrast to Bayern Munich fans, Bayern’s senior officials regularly claim the Bundesliga title remains the priority each season, but Guardiola was brought in to bring Champions League glory to the Bavarians.

To put Bayern Munich’s Champions league performance in perspective, in the last 10 years of UEFA Champions league tournaments, Bayern Munich has won 1 trophy, and that was under former retiring manager, Heynckes. Their 2013 Champions league trophy came after a lengthy wait since year 2000. In the same period, Bayern Munich’s trophy record is in par with Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan and Inter Milan with 1 European title in their trophy cabinets. The only club that has won more Champions League trophies is FC Barcelona. Although the historic data does not look bad on Bayern Munich, the club fans clearly do not tolerate being under the shadows of FC Barcelona in terms of European glories.

So far, Pep Guardiola’s quest for Champions League trophy has been fruitless. In the last 2 seasons, the club bowed out at Semifinals, most notably, humiliating 5-0 loss at the hands of Real Madrid. Pep Guardiola though, could keep his bosses’ unforgiving attitude in mind. Back in 2010, Luis Van Gaal in his 2 year term managed to take Bayern Munich into the Finals of UEFA Champions League, ending with a runner-up position. Yet, the following season, Round of 16 exit and poor record at Bundesliga cost his job immediately.

The question is, what exactly do Bayern Munich fans expect from Guardiola this season? Do Bayern Munich fans expect nothing less than Champions League trophy? Or an improvement in Bayern Munich’s spot to, say a Runner-up would be good enough this season? Does a Semi-final spot – A promise by Pep Guardiola and the same spot as last season- would guarantee him his pink-slip?

If Bayern Munich fans expect nothing less than Champions League trophy, Pep Guardiola’s survival at Bayern Munich may look slim. Since Barcelona looks as strong as ever, alongside Juventus and Chelsea.

But if Bayern Munich fans expect an improvement from Semi-final finish to either Runner-up or Championship at UEFA Champions League, one should look at history of Bayern Munich in comparison to other European opponents in the Final of the tournament.

In the first chart, Bayern Munich’s Runner-up position at UEFA Champions League is compared against other club since the beginning of European Cup/Champions League formation, which was 1955-1956 season): In the history of Champions League, Bayern Munich has made it to the Final of the Tournament 5 times; Only one appearance fewer than Juventus. While the usual contenders such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and AC Milan trail Bayern Munich in that aspect.

Bayern Munich CL Runner up Position

Bayern Munich CL Runner up Position

In the second chart, Bayern Munich’s Champions League trophy count is compared to other teams. Bayern Munich has won Champions League 5 times in the Tournament’s history. Interestingly, they are tied with Barcelona and Liverpool in that aspect. Real Madrid leads the list with 10 European trophies, followed by AC Milan with 7 titles. Therefore, in general, although FC Barcelona has done extremely well in recent years, Bayern Munich is still in par with Barcelona in terms of number of Champions League titles. Although one could argue, Barcelona’s dominance in Champions League in recent years is more important than early years of the Tournament.

Bayern Munich CL Trophy

Bayern Munich CL Trophy

To put everything into perspective, Pep Guardiola has won more trophies than any another Bayern Munich manager in his 2 seasons in charge; Of which, 2 Semi-final finish at Champions League. The question is, whether or not Bayern Munich fans will run impatient if they do not see an improvement in Bayern Munich’s Champions League spot this season. As Bayern Munich officials have proven numerous times before, any small slip-up in the club’s results, along with fans’ pressure, would end with an immediate dismissal of the manager. Even if that manager is the most prolific manager in Spain and Champions League.

womenforfootball-  Copa America 2015’s breathtaking games came to an end last week with a great final touch by Chile in the Final. They held Copa America trophy for the first time in their history. Chile displayed superb games by beating top dogs such as Mexico, Uruguay and Peru all the way to the Final to stall and put an end to yet another Final heartbreak for Argentina. Watching their thrilling games I wondered if Chile’s impressive run of games in this Tournament is linked to their Youth team’s success?

To be able to track their youth team’s progress throughout the years, I checked Chile’s track record in U-20 World Cup games. Their best record is their 3rd spot finish with their youth team at U-20 World Cup 2007 games. Few years later, they made it to Quarterfinals of U-20 World Cup 2013 games.

From their 21-men squad in their 2007 team, fearlessly their manager featured 7 of those youth players in World Cup 2014 games. As everyone knows, Chile had a great run of games at World Cup 2014 games too, most known for their elimination of Spain at Group Stage.

Then, in the recent Copa America games, 6 players of their squad came from the same strong U-20 team of 2007. So over 1/4th of their current Champion team is made up of their 2007 youth team.

To put into perspective, Chile youth team’s progress is compared to their Final game’s opponent, Argentina. Argentina has a great young generation too, most notably World’s Best player, Lionel Messi’s quick progress from Argentina’s youth team to their main squad. Yet, Argentina barely stack up against Chile’s youth progress.

Back in U-20 World up 2007, Argentina youth team became the Champion of the Tournament. Out of that championship squad, 7 youth players were featured in 2014 World Cup games. As all football fans know, Argentina made it to the Final of 2014 World Cup games. But in recent Copa America games, which again Argentina made it to the Final, only 3 of the same youth players were in the squad.

Copa American 2015

Copa American 2015

It may be too radical to base Chile’s recent championship on one factor only. Certainly, their players’ fitness and great performances at top clubs of Europe played its part as well. But based on data above, it could be said with great certainty that Chile’s investment in youth has paid off; most recently in Copa America 2015 but the trend could well continue in years to come. –

Women World Cup 2015 games came to an end in Canada on July 5th. U.S women National team won the crown for the third time in their history.


Although Canada were the host, they were crashed out Women’s World Cup in Quarter Final stage.

In the 5th edition of Women’s World Cup games though, there were new records set that we review here.

1. Highest viewership in U.S history:

Women World Cup 2015 Final between U.S and Japan interestingly set the record for highest viewership of Women World Cup games in U.S. Previous viewership for Women World Cup games was back in 1991, where 18 million viewers watched the Final. Also, with 25 Million people tuning into women football Cup Final, the viewership in U.S beat previous year’s men World Cup games between U.S and Portugal in Group Stage. Also, incredibly, Women World Cup 2015 Final, beat the viewership of NBA Finals in U.S.

2. United States Women national team is now the only team with highest number of Women World Cup titles. Followed closely by Germany with 2 Championships.

3. For the first time in their history, England Women team made it to Semifinals of Women’s World Cup games. They successfully managed to beat the host, Canada to advance to Semifinals.

4. Women World Cup 2015 recorded the highest number of own goals. 6 times during the games, teams scored own goals. Ecuador lead other teams in this competition with 2 own goals. Although, the most damaging own goal was scored by England’s Laura Bassette in the last second of extra time, during their semifinal game that cost them elimination at the hands of Japan.

5. U.S women team is the only country that has won World Cup games as a host. Ironically, all other Women World Cup games’ hosts could not win World Cup trophy at their home base. Also, U.S women team has managed to win Championship twice away from their home, when they were not the hosts of the competition. In 1991 where the games were held in China, and in 2015 in Canada, U.S won the trophy.

As a Canadian citizen and football fan, it was quite depressing to see Canada getting eliminated at Quarter Final stage. Specially the fact that Canada was the host and many pundits were counting on Canada to make history at home and win the Championship. Although, for those fans who complain about Canada’s poor results, it is essential to note that in this round of Competition, Canada managed to get the 2nd best result in their Women World Cup history. Once, they had managed reach the Final back in 2003, but all other times, they were knocked out at Group stage.


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