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Welcome to womenforfootball.com everyone! This is my very first blog post. This blog is dedicated to discuss main issues and news about world football(soccer as they call it in North America!), as well as hints of passion lots of women have about football.

No more suspicious, ridiculing look at women who passionately cheer for their favorite football teams. And no more cheering for a team because of the looks/age of the players. Here we discuss facts, trends, analysis and different perspectives regarding football clubs, players and club management.

For a start, I begin with my own story of passion for football. I got into football, when I was around 11 years old, watching English Premier League games featuring Manchester United and Arsenal, or Serie-A matches between Juventus and Inter Milan. Then the Asian Cup games, followed by World Cup games. I wouldnt miss any match shown on TV, so at some point I wanted to know more about these teams, their management, players,etc. So I started reading football magazines and newspapers. Back in Iran-where Im originally from-as a football-crazy nation, you have nothing short of option to find football magazine! Then went to high school and back in high school, I found couple of classmates, all girls, who loved football just like me. We would secretly play football during PhysEd(gym) class, and we would all discuss the latest football national team and club news during our break time! But despite our passion, the strict laws of the country, prevented us(as women) to enter stadiums to cheer for our teams.

However my dream came true when soon after we moved to Canada for good. In Canada, I enjoyed playing more football at high school and then at University, and at the same time started writing football articles at this Iranian football community on Internet; Until I finally booked my ticket for 2006 World Cup games in Germany which marked a remarkable memory for me. From there, I got a lead to commentating football on Live Sattelite TV channel, which I have been doing until recently. Then I took my sport feature journalism further by writing for Goal.com, this large International football news site.

So this blog is another outlet to show female football fans are not in for looks of the players, or their nationality or anything, but rather a  lot of female football fans have the knowledge of players’ performance on the pitch and why they succeed or fail the way they are.

So welcome to womenforfootball.com, For those women who are passionate about beautiful game of football, and for those men who like women to follow football with passion and knowledge!

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