Ferguson’s retirement: End of the Renaissance for Manchester United

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womenforfootball.com – Legendary Alex Ferguson may have been a Scottish coaching at English Premier League, but with his sudden announcement of retirement on May 8th, he just marked end of the Renaissance for not only Manchester United club, but English Premier League and English football.

In an era that English Premier League football fans and even English National team fans, are used to hearing about team managers getting sacked every season, if not twice a season, likes of Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger were virtues.

Having served from Nov 6, 1986 until May 8, 2013, Alex Ferguson remarkably was the longest-serving manager in English Premier League.

Well known for his sheer discipline in the dressing room, Ferguson never allowed any of his stars distract the team from success or trophy. His patience and discipline in  managing controversial stars such as Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy were exemplary.

Winning 13 Premier League Championship trophies since 1986, with many other League Cups while at helm at Manchester United, with a tally of 38 trophies, he was indeed the most successful manager in English Premier League history.

Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson

What I think football fans will miss after his retirement though, will not only be Manchester United’s quick-attacking football and  trophies but also his outspoken personality, acting as an activist and a strong advocate of stability and competitive football in English Premier League. He was never shy of bashing other top clubs, specially Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, for constantly sacking their managers. Considering his fame and popularity among all football fans, he had established this sense of respect among football elites; to the point that his remarks about other club’s poor decisions would make headlines and debate in European football media. For instance, just yesterday, he lamented Manchester City’s recent sudden move to sack their title-winning manager, Roberto Mancini.

Manchester United fans initially panicked in anticipation of Ferguson’s successor, whom they expect to prove as successful as Ferguson. But Manchester United’s board proved logical in their selection, and opted for Everton’s David Moyes; A successful manager at a much smaller club with a much more limited budget than Manchester United, yet with proven loyalty and passion for his team. David Moyes, beside his Scottish background similarity to Ferguson, is also the 3rd longest-serving manager in EPL history; behind Ferguson and Wenger.

Will the enormous club size, fans’ pressure and higher competitiveness at Manchester United overwhelm David Moyes? We shall see. But lets all remember that back in 1986 when Ferguson was first brought on board for ManU, he did not win any trophy in his first 5 Seasons, but club board remained faithful. And I bet they do not regret it now! So lets hope David Moyes will be given the patience and faith he needs in his first few seasons.


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