Bayern Munich Manager Leaves on High Note: Whats next for Guardiola?

Posted by In a thrilling Champions League Final at Wembley Stadium, football fans, in particular German fans had special reason to celebrate. An all German Final, with two of the Top German clubs- Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund-contesting for the most prestigious European Club title.

At the end, thanks to Arjen Robben’s winner at 89th minute, Bayern Munich sealed the deal against their rival. After three heartbreaks each time at Champions League Final, this time Bayern Munich ended their jinx and carved their club name on 2012-2013 Champions League trophy.

There are mixed emotions at Bayern Munich though. While Bayern Munich directors announced their decision to bring legendary former Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, to Allianz Arena as of July, Bayern Munich fans have to say goodbye to their most successful manager in a decade.

Jupp Heynckes came back to lead Bayern Munich in a 2nd attempt, back in July 2011. Ever since, the trend of improvement and titles are nothing short of amazing.

2009-2010 and 2010-2011 were the seasons when Heynckes was not in charge of Bayern Munich yet. As you can see, even at Bundesliga level, Bayern Munich had dismal 3rd spot finish. Even worse, at Champions League, they got eliminated in Round of 16. DFL SuperCup is a Cup game held in Germany between Bundesliga Champion and DFB Pokal Champion, so because Bayern Munich had not achieved either title, they were not qualified to be at DFL SuperCup. DFB Pokal, which is 2nd most important domestic Cup games in Germany after Bundesliga, Bayern were also knocked out at Semifinal stage back in 2010-2011.

After Heynckes’ appointment though, there was a drastic improvement the Season after. Specially at Champions League level, from previous level of Round of 16 elimination, they managed to make it all the way to the Final, only losing out to Chelsea in Penalty Shoot out. And as evident in the chart, this Season they have won every available Cup games so far: Bundesliga title and Champions League. DFB Pokal Final, in which Bayern Munich has already booked their spot, will be a contest between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich on June 1st. Bayern Munich is also awaiting DFL SuperCup Final match this Summer. UEFA SuperCup, which is an annual match between current Champions League winners against UEFA Cup winners, will set place in August 2013, which will be held between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

Considering Bayern Munich is highly expected to win these three remaining Cup games as well, this Season will likely mark a %100 success record for the club under outgoing Heynckes.

Yet all these great records are under-appreciated by media and Bayern Munich directors, because they are eagerly waiting for Pep Guardiola’s official coaching debut at the club in July. The question is, now that outgoing Heynckes will leave with perfect success record, what else is expected from Pep to achieve at Bayern Munich? Anything less than current %100 success record, may make -usually impatient Bayern Munich directors- furious. As tough as it sounds, the reality is,  next season Pep Guardiola has to start and finish with perfect record as well.

Pre-Heynckes era and post-Heynckes era
Pre-Heynckes era and post-Heynckes era

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