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Niloufar Momeni – As I write this piece, it has been just an hour since Summer transfer window in 2013-2014 finally closed.

It was an usual roller-coaster ride for football fans, pundits and reporters. Some teams like Bayern Munich, with their new coach Pep Guardiola, as well as Barcelona initiated their bidding from day one to form a cohesive team ahead of season kick-off.

Other teams, albeit at the cost of an inflated market, left it to last seconds of transfer window deadline, which was today; teams like Manchester United, Tottenham, Real Madrid and Arsenal.

So as the dusts are settled down, lets look at Top 20 transfers of Summer 2013(by cost) and other charts worth paying attention to:

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  • Real Madrid set a World record again in transfer market, by signing Tottenham’s Gareth Bale at the expense of 100mil Euro. In this way, Gareth Bale record fee outpaces Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous world record.
  • 3 out of Top 5 transfer records of Summer were signed by France Ligue 1’s Monaco and PSG; both clubs are privately owned, former is owned by a Russian billionaire, the later by Qatar Investment Authority.
Top transfers summer 2013 by value.
Top transfers summer 2013 by value.

Next chart worth looking at is Top 10 clubs that spent the most throughout Summer 2013:

  • As it was usually the norm that likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City were top spenders, this Summer Monaco outpaced all other teams in terms of transfer expense. Signing likes of Falcao, J.Rodriguez and Moutinho all added up and frankly inflated players’ fees this Summer. Considering that Monaco has had barely any domestic league or Champions League success in recent history.
  • Another surprise of transfer market was Tottenham’s aggressive bidding strategy this Summer; With Villas-Boas remaining as their manager in upcoming season, and with rumors of possible Gareth Bale sale to Real Madrid for months, the manager got active quite aggressively to build a rejuvenated team to be able to target Champions League spot, or possibly league title.
Top 10 highest spending clubs Summer 2013
Top 10 highest spending clubs Summer 2013

Another chart worth looking at is the expense/revenue ratio of leagues in transfer market Summer 2013:

  • As you can see, English Premier League as a whole, spent more on signing new players than revenue of offloading players. So as a whole, they have a negative cash-flow balance. However, considering many of EPL clubs are now privately owned by billionaires, and EPL clubs have great revenue generation through TV rights throughout the world, individual club’s cash-flow may not necessarily cause panic. Next league in negative territory over transfer market expense, is followed by France Ligue 1, and German Bundesliga.
  • Leagues in positive revenue territory during transfer market of 2013 are Spain’s La Liga, followed by Portugal league Primeira Liga, and Italy’s Serie A; Which only proves Economic struggle of football clubs in Spain, Portugal and Italy, that overall they had to offload more players that they had liked to balance their budget.
Top 10 transfer of leagues by revenue-expense
Top 10 transfer of leagues by revenue-expense

Another chart to look at is transfer flow of players from one league to another league:

  • As you can see, throughout 2013-2014 transfer market, an astonishing 44 players left La Liga to join English teams; Highest in terms of total value of players.  In comparison, only 18 players left EPL to join Spanish teams.  After huge flow of players from Spain to England, in terms of transfer value, next in chart is transfer outflows from Italy towards France. And next is transfer outflows from Italy to England.
  • In terms of number of players being transferred(not value), outflow of players from Spain to England was highest, with 44 players. Followed by outflow of players from Italy to England, with 26 players, and 3rd in line is outflow of players from England to Spain with 18 players.
Transfer Flow between leagues
Transfer Flow between leagues


Last but not least is the chart on World Record transfers of all seasons, including Summer 2013:

  • Real Madrid’s recent signing of Gareth Bale is now a new world record in transfer market.
  • As you notice, 4 out of 5 transfer records throughout history was made by Real Madrid; Of which it is worth notice that not all of their record transfers met the expectations: Kaka’s transfer record and his performance at Real Madrid is one example. Some argue, even Cristiano Ronaldo was more integral and consistent at Manchester United, that he is now at Real Madrid. Another example is Ibrahimovic’s record transfer, at the time, to Barcelona, which his performance for Barca turned below par any pundit’s imagination.
Transfer record of all seasons
Transfer record of all seasons

Here are all the charts of Summer transfer 2013 that were worth discussing.  So lets wait and watch how the 24 years old Welshman, Gareth Bale fares at Real Madrid.  Will he remain consistent and as influential in his team’s results, as he was during his tenure at Tottenham? We shall wait and watch.

2013-2014 will surely be an interesting season to observe the games throughout Europe.

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