Top or Flop Players of 2013 Summer Transfer Market

Posted by As we are heading into 9th week of new season of European league, here are my initial observations on Flop or Top Players of 2013 Summer Transfer market. This article was first featured on SWOL  last week, so it does not take this week’s games into considering, including Bale’s comeback after his injury. Bale did play well today, getting a penalty kick for Real Madrid, in their 2-0 win over Malaga today. So bare with me, if my assessment until last week seem quite harsh to him!

The goal of this article is to assess if a player with highest transfer fee has proven his worth on the pitch so far or not? Has he been an impact player for his club, or he was rather disappointing so far?

So the criteria for this “Top or Flop ranking of players” are in fact based on these points:

1. Only players on Top 20 most expensive Transfer of Summer 2013 were considered for this ranking.

2. Players’ nationality were not considered. Also the list is not skewed towards European clubs. However, considering European clubs splashed more money than other leagues, naturally the “Top or Flop Players” are all currently playing in a European club.

So here is my initial observations for the first 8 weeks of new season:


It has been more or less 8 weeks into the new season and 32 days since the end of Summer Transfer Window for Top 5 European leagues(Germany, Spain, Italy, France and England).

It may not be too early to rate or at least comment on performances of the most expensive transferred players so far, or is it?

To clarify, only active players in 2013 Summer Transfer Market throughout Europe are considered for this article. Also to narrow down the focus, the rating is on best performing and worst performing players who were among the top 20 most expensive signings of 2013 Summer Transfer market. The rest of the players with cheaper valuations were not considered for the purpose of this article.

So let kick off the heated debate here: Which players do you think are Top or Flop of Transfer market so far?  After all, as it may come to bitter truth for likes of Perez, bidding the highest on a player and bringing him on board does not necessarily mean he will rock the show, as we will find out here.

Top players

Among the top performing players who have just been transferred to new teams this season, it may not be too tricky to name Mesut Ozil among the top performing players of Arsenal, and among the best as in English Premier League.

The 5th most expensive player of Summer transfer market made an instant impact at Arsenal from day one; Providing Assist to Giroud’s goal in his debut game against Sunderland. In all his 3 domestic league appearances, his 4 assists helped Arsenal win those games. Even at Champions League level, he has scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist in his 2 European appearances.

Another impact player who has helped his team secure winning streaks, is Manchester City’s new signing, Alvaro Negredo. In his 8 game appearances so far, he has scored 3 goals,including one at Champions League, as well as providing 3 valuable assists to his teammates.

One more new signing at English Premier League deserves a shout, and that is Tottenham’s Lamela. A right winger arriving from AS Roma, he has made an instant impact at Tottenham so far, while everyone expected Soldado to be the star of the show in each match. In his 5 appearances for Tottenham, he has provided 2 assists and his versatile style of play has made Tottenham’s firepower more threatening than ever.

Amongst top 20 expensive transfer market players, Borussia Dortmund’s new signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan deserves the credit. The 24 year old Armenian midfielder arrived from Shakhtar, has blown the minds of fans so far. In his 8 appearances so far, he has netted an impressive 4 goals already, as well as providing 1 assist.

Heading to La Liga and Spain, as pundits were still speechless on Real’s world record signing Gareth Bale, it is in fact Isco, who has wowed the spectators so far. As a new signing arriving from Malaga CF, the 21 years old midfielder has scored 5 goals, with 2 assists so far in his 8 appearances. Amongst those are 1 goal and 1 assist at Champions League level which is very impressive for a youngster.

In Serie-A, although Carlos Tevez has been the most consistent new signing of the league so far, because his transfer fee was not high enough to be ranked among Top 20 Expensive players, he was not listed here.

Napoli’s Higuain though has surely impressed his new bosses, having arrived from Real Madrid. The Argentinean striker has been consistently scoring for Napoli so far; his goal tally now stands at 4 goals in 8 appearances, as well as 1 assist.

Flop list

Now lets debate on Flop new signings so far. Although it is harsh to call it flop, as there are many more weeks to come, but it is fair to call these players’ performance rather disappointing or below expectation, considering their performance has not justified their price tag so far.

Gareth Bale: Lets be fair, one cannot blame the player if Real Madrid President puts an emotional world record signing for an English Premier Player who has yet to prove himself in big games or in elite European competition. And guess what? The 100m Euro striker has played 3 games so far, scoring 1 goal only. None yet at Champions League level. Meanwhile, in the same games that Bale has played, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 4 goals.

Neymar: Probably many will scream at this judgment but lets be honest; Neymar has not justified the media craze and transfer fee to make him the 4th most expensive summer transfer. At least not yet. He has yet to prove himself as a top notch striker, although his number of assists are impressive. In his 10 appearances, he has scored 2 goals, and provided 5 Assists. That’s while his direct competition in Barcelona squad, Lionel Messi scored 10 goals in those same games that Neymar played.

Moving our attention to English Premier League again, Manchester United’s new signing and as 11th most expensive transfer, Marouane Fellaini has been quite disappointing so far. Sure, it is the whole team that is underperforming as they are in transition phase in the absence of Ferguson, but Fellaini has not shown much of his worth yet. In his 9 appearances for his new club, he has scored only 1 goal with 1 assist.

What do you readers think? Who is your Flop or Top player of Summer Transfer Market?


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