Sacking David Moyes, Just a Facelift for Manchester United

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What a week it has been in European football in the past week:

  • Bayern Munich, under Pep Guardiola, managed to win Bundesliga trophy already in the fastest fashion ever recorded in club’s history, and earlier than any other Bundesliga team.
  • Manchester United team at home, under David Moyes, were trashed by Manchester City 3-0.
  • In a more miserable fashion, Arsenal was tramped by Chelsea 6-0 to lose hopes of English Premier League Championship.
  • Barcelona club, although struggling domestically this season, managed to defeat Real Madrid thanks to Messi’s hat trick, which also made the Argentine the top scorer of all time for Barcelona.

Regarding Manchester United’s miserable season under David Moyes, here is my article that was published on today:


Following Manchester City’s latest trashing of Manchester United at Old Trafford, there were reports of continued revolt among Red Devil fans. Angry fans reportedly yelled expletives at the former United manager, Alex Ferguson as well as David Moyes, his handpicked successor.

Stadium stewards also had to be deployed to prevent supporters from tearing down a banner honouring Moyes as “The Chosen One.”

Although legendary retired manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson is known for his great knowledge and intuition to make the best selection, it seems as if club fans do not approve of his handpicked successor.

Having been used to consecutive Championships and records under Ferguson, it is understandable why fans would revolt over David Moyes’ tenth loss of the season, including multiple losses against the top four sides and sitting uncomfortably at seventh spot in the standings.

However, those impatient fans need to review the history of their own club and realize even Alex Ferguson’s first season in charge during 1986 the club finished twelfth; a much lower spot than Moyes’ current seventh place. Back then, the 45-year-old Ferguson had on and off seasons with Manchester United, even on the verge of dismissal as they did not win a trophy in his first four seasons.

The point is, the reason Manchester United fans were lucky enough to enjoy 27 years of glory, records and achievements with Ferguson was thanks to the Club directors’ faith back in 1986 who did not dismiss him in his first disappointing season at Old Trafford.

David Moyes’ selection of substitutions is often surprising to many pundits, but no one can deny that Manchester United’s defenders are at their slowest and are having one of the most erroneous seasons of their careers. Although it was also evident last season under Ferguson; Evra and Ferdinand’s poor man-marking and faulty decision making, followed by Vidic’s injury-prone season, all have made Manchester United’s defensive options living hell for Moyes and heavenly opportunistic for opponents.

Those issues combined with a lackluster season by new arrival Marouane Fellaini, and former top scorer, Van Persie’s constant injuries, who missed two months of the season and is not set for another four to six weeks out have all resulted in Manchester United’s misery this season.

David Moyes may be sacked at the end of season, but managerial change may just be a facelift to a Manchester United team at a time that at squad level desperately needs an overhaul of its own.

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