Five reasons why sacking Moyes at this time was wrong

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(Niloufar Momeni) So after just ten months into his contract, David Moyes was sacked. Not that it was unexpected considering the record-breaking poor results of Manchester United this season. However, football pundits were taken back by the fact that this decision was made by a club which is known for its long-term vision and having prided themselves with keeping faith with Ferguson, longest-serving manager in football.

However, as pointed out here and by many other football analysts, back in the day, Alex Ferguson himself did not achieve any glory for Manchester United within the first three seasons of his career. Yet in modern football, quick results always prevail patience and long term investment at the club.


The question is not why Moyes was sacked, but rather why he was sacked before the end of the season? So, here are five reasons sacking Moyes at this time was wrong:

1.    No positive effect on their league standing:

Lets face it. Manchester United is at seventh spot, behind brilliant Everton and motivated Tottenham. Even if Ryan Giggs wins all remaining four games with the team, they will at most secure sixth spot, due to Everton’s Goal Difference advantage.  In other words, it is already too little, too late.
2.    Squad players were not selected by Moyes:

One thing club officials failed to notice is that Moyes were brought in too late to the club, and he had no input in bringing new players, or overhaul of squad players this season.
3.    Players will feel extremely unsettled:

Manchester United players who are so accustomed  to stability at the club, now find themselves in a situation where there is a temporary coach and the new coach is not selected yet. Good players of the team are therefore not shy of leaving the unstable club.
4.    With this sacking, coaches with big vision will not accept the job:

Real Madrid’s Ancelotti and Chelsea’s Mourinho have already laughed off their link to Manchester United job. Guus Hiddink or out of job Loius Van Gaal are the kinds who would risk managing Manchester United team.
5.    Players face no consequence for their failing performance:
Ryan Giggs is unlikely to discipline below-par aging players of the squad-whom are his own teammates-as good old Ferguson used to do. And by the time new manager takes charge, it will be too late for any sale in transfer market.

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