Jose Mourinho the only Chelsea coach staying on without winning trophy

Posted by “We are not in it,” said Mourinho, whose side have two games remaining. “The champions will be Liverpool or City. We have nothing to celebrate.” Whether these comments are a mere understatement by Chelsea fans’ favourite coach, Jose Mourinho, or whether it is a likely scenario, it is up for debate.

However, one thing is clear at this time; If by the end of the English Premier League season, Chelsea team does not win EPL Championship-their only title of the season- and Abramovich extends Mourinho’s contract, Mourinho will be the first manager under Abramovich’s tenure to have his contract extended without any trophy win. A sign of favouritism perhaps?

As a proof, a ten year chart was plotted, to show the correlation between number of trophy wins in a given season by a Chelsea manager and contract extension of that manager. In other words, this chart shows Abramovich’s logic in sacking a manager or extending a manager’s contract.

  • The blue line displays the number of trophies won by each Chelsea manager in each season.
  • The red line displays each manager’s fate at the end of season.
  • 1 = Means that Chelsea manager’s contract was extended.
  • 0 = Means that Chelsea manager was sacked.



Five interesting facts based on the chart:

1. There really is not any straight-line correlation between manager’s performance and his contract extension, in the eyes of Chelsea’s owner. There have been cases where a manager has achieved double trophies in one season, yet was sacked at the end: Examples are Mourinho back in 2006-2007, Guus Hiddink in 2008-2009, Di Matteo in short spell in 2012, and Benitez in 2012-2013.

2. Carlos Ancelotti is the most successful manager Chelsea team has had under Abramovich’s ownership, by winning three Cups in one season. Closely followed are Mourinho and Di Matteo, each winning double Cup in one season.

3. Jose Mourinho is the longest serving Chelsea manager in the past ten years. The average tenure of Chelsea manager is about one season.

4. Of those Chelsea managers who had failed to win any trophy, all of them have been sacked by the end of the season.

5. As evident in the chart, for the first time a negative correlation has been created; where Mourinho this Season has not yet won any trophy, yet his contract is likely to get extended.

If Chelsea fail to win EPL title and Mourinho stays on, he will be the first manager under Abramovich’s ownership to survive dismissal despite having a trophyless season.

It will be an interesting twist in the next two weeks. Jose Mourinho remains Chelsea fans’ favourite and if he stays on beyond this season, he would set a record in Chelsea’s recent history and breaks Abramovich’s dismissal trend. Besides, the short tempered Abramovich may have some explaining to do to Ranieri, Grant, Scolari and Villas Boas, for dismissing them for the very same trophyless season.

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