The Top 5 Players Who Were Snubbed From the 2014 World Cup

Posted by -This is my published article on SWOL on Top 5 players who were snubbed from 2014 World Cup games. What do you think of these omissions? Were they wise decisions by their national team managers? Or will they regret it at the end of 2014 World Cup games?

SWOL-By Niloufar Momeni | May 29, 2014


It would be hard pill to swallow for professional players, who try their best throughout entire season for their clubs to achieve personal and team success, play their best for their national teams’ World Cup qualifiers and when it comes to World Cup final squad call-up, they get snubbed.

That is the scenario for these five top players who have lost the trust and belief of their national team coaches and will miss out on the most prestigious global football tournament.

1.  Landon Donovan: Landon Donovan is the latest top player who was snubbed by Klinsman, the USA’s National Team manager. This move will likely mark the end of national team career for the 32-years old striker.

2.  Carlos Tevez: Apparently being Juventus’s top scorer in his debut season at Serie-A was not enough to persuade Argentina’s national team coach that he can do the same scoring spree at World Cup stage.

3.  Samir Nasri: Despite his consistent performance at the EPL Champions, Manchester City, his controversial role in players’ protest in the last France national team’s world Cup camp, cost him 2014 World Cup spot under Deschamps.

4.  Kaka: The Brazilian attacking midfielder has had his share of omission from World Cup squads. However, considering tight competition in Brazil’s squad, and AC Milan’s disappointing season, Brazil manager looked elsewhere to fill Kaka’s spot, and this move could potentially end Kaka’s national team career.

5.  Philippe Coutinho: Another surprise omission from Brazil squad includes Coutinho. Despite dazzling performance for Liverpool this season, ironically Philippe Coutinho was omitted from Brazil’s final squad. A disappointing move, but the 21-years old has long future to look forward.


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