FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada today

Posted by – It is a pleasure to announce that Canada, arguable the most diverse country in the world with millions of football(soccer) fans here, is the host of FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup games.

The official games kick off today, and with only few games being held in Toronto, thankfully I got my hands on Canada-Ghana match in Group A and I will be heading to the game tonight. I will surely take lots of pictures and share with you all.

So lets begin with some information about this Tournament.

Frequency: FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, are being held every two years.

Venues: This time, Canada is the host and following cities will host several games: Edmonton, Toronto, Montrea and Moncton. Majority of games, including play-off for 3rd placed team, and the Final will be held at beautiful Olympic Stadium of Montreal.

Participating teams: There are 16 teams participating, grouped into 4 groups of 4.

Format: The format is that the Winners and Runner-up team of each group will qualify to Quarter Finals.

Dates: The games commence today, Aug 5th and the Final will be in Aug 24th.

Recent History: In the last edition of U-20 Women’s World Cup, Japan was the host and USA became the Champion of the games. Also back in 2012, Germany, Japan and Nigeria made it to the Semifinals(Top 4), which only shows their upcoming supremacy of their Women teams.

Tickets: If you are eager, like me, to buy the tickets to these games, check to buy tickets. You will have the option of printing your ticket at home, so you may even find tickets on same-day basis.

I am very excited that I will be attending Canada-Ghana match, and I will surely cheer for Canada as loud as possible.


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