Opinion Piece: Anfield Move More Important For Super Mario

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womenforfootball.com – Recently I wrote a piece about Mario Balotelli’s transfer from AC Milan to Liverpool at a lower price than his previous move. Here is a piece about why I think Super Mario, as he is called, will likely succeed at Liverpool and this was a wise move by him and Liverpool.

Anfield Move More Important For Super Mario



After several days of transfer rumors surrounding Liverpool’s hunt for Mario Balotelli, on Friday in a reportedly £16 million deal, the out of favor AC Milan striker travelled to Merseyside to join the EPL team.

Mario Balotelli is not a stranger to the English Premier League having previously worn Manchester City colors, but his off-the field controversies turned unbearable for former Citizens manager Roberto Mancini, and he was eventually sold to AC Milan. At the time, Super Mario was sold at £20 million but his continued poor form and inconsistency has seen his price drop yet again.

During his Italy return the Italian striker faced several racial profiling and racial chants against him during his time in Milan which saw him greatly effected. Yet his goal tally was impressive even at his new home, including 12 goals in 13 games in half a season since he joined in January 2013. Last season, he also netted 18 goals in 41 matches.

Considering his goal records and impressive performance at club level, signing the 24-year-old Balotelli at lower rate than his previous contract, is quite a bargain for Liverpool.Despite his form and game play being heavily criticized, it is hard to argue with a 30 goal return in 54 matches.

Liverpool sold their top scorer, controversial striker Luis Suarez, during the Summer transfer window and may have just captured the perfect replacement at bargain price.

Although Balotelli is more or less just as controversial on-the pitch as Suarez was, the stadium atmosphere at Anfield and fans’ welcoming approach to their top players will immensely help calm down the Italian striker. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has proven to be a very capable manager to contain his team’s dressing room avoiding spats, and is likely exactly what Balotelli needs in a figurehead at the club.

The Liverpool move is a much needed transfer for Super Mario as he needs a place to truly be at home and find his talent once more. Liverpool fans are more welcoming than AC Milan’s, and Rodgers is a more capable man-manager than Mancini was at City and his several managers at Milan have been. What will hope Balotelli the most is the stability and structure that Rodgers has created with his staff at Anfield. If Mario manages to keep his cool on-the pitch too, the opponents’ net will be sizzling and Liverpool will have yet another weapon in attack.

Original article at http://swol.co/liverpool-anfield-move-more-important-for-super-mario/35323#rxxCMm0w7tGb4MMA.99

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