Five interesting facts about UEFA Champions league 2014-2015

Posted by – Another exciting round of UEFA Champions League games are underway. There have been three matches played by teams in Group games so far and there are three more left before knock-out stage of the Competition.

Although we are only half-way through the group games, there are several interesting facts and records about the games so far, that are worth listing here.

Five interesting facts about Champions league 2014-2015:

  1. Highest margin of victory: This week, in series of Match three games of UEFA Champions League, four matches contained five goals or more each game: Bayern Munich 7–1 Roma, Shakhtar 7-0 Bate, Chelsea 6-0 Mairbor, and Atletico Madrid- Malmao 5-0. Never before, the margin of goals and trashing of opponents occurred in so many instances within one week.
  2. Highest scoring teams: So far Primeira’s Porto and La Liga’s Real Madrid have proved to be the scoring machines of the competition, each scoring ten goals so far. Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund follow closely with nine goals scored each so far.
  3. Manchester City’s dismal Champions League record: Manchester City, despite winning domestic league silverware, have been continuously the most underperforming English team in Champions League. In the past five seasons, only once they managed to advance to knock out stage. This season, it seems the dismal trend has dragged on with the team; With three games into the competition, they are placed third behind Bayern Munich and Roma with seven point difference with top team.
  4. The most contested Group: With three weeks into the games, Group A seems to be the most contested group, with only three points differentiating between the group leader and lowest ranked team.
  5. Record Breaking Ronaldo: Cristiano Ronaldo, who has two goals under his name so far in the games, is just one goal shy of reaching Raul’s record as highest scoring player in Champions League history. Legendary Raul and former Real Madrid player, had scored 70 goals in UEFA Champions League and Cristiano Ronaldo, with the same outfit will soon reach that milestone.

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