Analysis: Arsenal’s problems are beyond goal drought

Posted by 2014 has been one of the darkest years in English Premier side, Arsenal’s recent history so far. Marred by losses to weaker teams, along with poor record in defense and usual long list of injuries, the team could not be more disappointed. So are Arsenal fans really. For the first time, Arsene Wenger, the professor who earned “The Invincible” for the club, is being booed after each stalemate or loss. And the stadium is filled with banners of protesting fans.

Despite impressive performances by new signings ; Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, and Calum Chambers, from the get go, fans witnessed something is still missing. Something that they clearly feel its void ever since Patrick Vieira’s departure back in 2005. A strong holding midfielder, as he was, that could stop the opponents’ penetration even before it is faced by defenders. A central midfield void that could not be filled by goal-hungry Fabregas, and is not yet by Ramsey. And strong defensive pack that were far more keen on man marking back then than their current successors.

Putting all numbers together, so far this season, Arsenal has conceded 18 goals, worse than the last two seasons in the same time span. They also have one of the lowest total points of the past five years, mainly due to their deterioting win ratio. With only six victories so far, they have second worst win ratio record of their past five years.

Easier it gets for Arsenal squad to concede goals, harder it gets for Arsenal’s top strikers to make up for the conceded goals and secure a win.

The chart below shows Arsenal’s record in the past five seasons in terms of Number of Goals scored, number of victories, and points achieved by week 15.


In essence, the chart proves that despite adding firepower to Arsenal’s front line during Summer transfer, the defensive problems and the void in central midfield persists and is getting worse Year over Year.

Perhaps, during January transfer market, Arsenal club may need to aim for New year’s resolution of a strong Central Midfielder and few defenders, rather than a mere wishing for a better year.


  1. Strong is the key word. Alexis Sanchez is a great addition and Danny Boy is also in great shape, and with Girourd back, they can cause trouble. Ramsey and Wolcott and Wilshire are fine players. So is Arteta and Cazorla, and Mertesacker. That’s their problem. Finesse. They need strength, like Vieira used to provide. But now they are rare and non available. It will be a long season for Arsene.


    1. Great analysis Crivasldnont..It will surely be a long season for Arsene. Unfortunately, none of our players can play the role of a strong Central midfield as Vieira used to do at Arsenal. Lets see which player Arsenal will buy in Jan Transfer market, if any?


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