Everything you need to know about 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

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womenforfootball- The wait is over. Finally the day has come to kick off Women’s World Cup games in Canada.

As a Canadian football fan, this Tournament is particular exciting and important to me.

1. Because it is been held in Canada.

2. Because Canada’ Women football National team, unlike our men National team, is one of the top teams in the World, always being among title contenders.

3. This important World Cup event will hopefully encourage more women to pursue football and follow the game of football, or soccer as Canadians call it, more regularly.

Few weeks ago, I was passing by Queen Street West in Toronto and noticed there is a huge event for FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy tour, which was passing Toronto. There were also Canada’s women football national team that were on stage.


Also, yesterday, I was at BMO Field in Canada for a Friendly match between Toronto FC and Manchester City, and among the spectators were Canada Women’s National team squad. As soon as the announcer announced it and fans spotted them, there was huge round of applause for them by 23,000 spectators. To give a context, due to our women football National team’s quality team and great record in every competition, they are immensely popular in Canada.

Since the World Cup games will start within few days, I thought it would be useful to give detailed information about this important event.

Which cities in Canada will host the games?







I know it is disheartening that the games will not take place in Toronto, but that is due to upcoming Pan American games this Summer in Toronto.

How long is 2015 Women’s World Cup event?

2015 women’s World Cup games will kick-off next Saturday, June 6th. The games will resume until July 5th, 2015.

How many matches will take place during this Tournament?

For this Tournament, the number of games has increased from 32 to 52 games.

How many teams will participate in this World Cup?

Also new in this Tournament, the number of participating teams has increased from 16 to 24 teams.

How many teams from each Continent have qualified to 2015 Women’s World Cup?

According to FIFA’s regulation, each Content is allocated different number of slots.

There will be 5 teams from Asia(AFC).

There will be 3 teams from Africa (CAF).

There will be 3 teams from North America, Central America, and Caribbean (CONCACAF).

There will be 3 teams from South America (CONMEBOL).

There will be 1 team from Oceana (OFC).

There will be 8 teams from Europe (UEFA).

And of course the Host nation, Canada.

Which teams are currently the top teams?

Purely based on previous Women’s World Cup record in 2011, Japan, U.S, Sweden and France have the best Women football teams. In 2011, Japan won Women’s World Cup Championship. U.S was runner-up, Sweden became 3rd and France 4th. Likes of Germany, U.S, Canada, Brazil, England and China have always been very competitive and title-contenders.

What are the Fixtures of this Tournament?

The teams are divided into 6 groups, with 4 teams in each group.

Canada is placed into Group A.

Here are the Group details:

Group A:


Group B:


Group C:


Group D:


Group E:


Group F:


What are the rules for Group games?

Top two teams of each group will automatically advance to Knock-out stage.

Third teams though do not have to lose faith. Four best third teams with highest points will also advance to the knock-out stage.

What are the knock-out stage process of Women’s World Cup?

When 16 teams advance to knock-out stage, each team will play against another team, which is already determined. If they lose, they will automatically get eliminated. Therefore, that leaves 8 remaining teams who will advance to Quarter-Final.

In Quarter-Final, again the same process continues. Top 8 teams will battle for a win. If they lose, they will be eliminated. The 4 winners will proceed to Semifinal stage. The same elimination process continues until top 2 teams have to fight for Championship trophy.

What will be the Mascot of these games?

Shuéme, a female great white owl is the Mascot of 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada.


Image Credits: Vancouver Sun

Where can I buy the tickets of the games?

Now that is the most important question, isn’t it?

You can buy all the tickets at Ticketmaster website.

What is the price range of match tickets?

The price range of tickets is $38.50 up to $96.50. Just a note for Canadians though, that these prices are in U.S Dollar, not Canadian Dollar!

Hope that answers all the questions you may have regarding this incredible International event in Canada.  If you have more questions, do not hesitate to drop me a line,email or ask in comments below.

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