Top 10 teams with superior women teams than their men’s

Posted by – Women World Cup 2015 is underway in Canada, and with two weeks into the games, top contenders have displayed their superiority on the pitch.
In this piece, we will look at top 10 National Football teams that their women’s teams are superior to their men’s teams. Of course, I made the case, using the teams’ results. It could be argued the performances of teams on the pitch tell a different story, but based on teams’ results, this is how men’s and women’s teams compare against each other.
Since Women’s World Cup 2015 is not yet concluded, for this comparison chart, I compared the results of men’s and women’s national teams in the past 3 rounds of World Cup games: For Women’s teams: World Cup 2011, 2007 and 2003. For Men’s team: World Cup 2014, 2010 and 2006.
Also, the teams’ results were counted from Quarter Finals up to the Final, to compare the strongest teams against each other.

The chart below shows number of times a Women National team of a country has made it to Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals. Summing up that number of appearances and then that number is compared to that country’s Men National team’s results in the same World Cup stages.

The surprise findings are:

•    A shocking and surprising finding is that, Brazil national team, which its men team were once the best team in the World, now find their women’s team producing better results than their men’s national team. Brazil women’s team have made it far into World Cup games 5 times in 2011, 2007 and 2003, while their men’s national team have appeared 4 times.

•    U.S Women National team have by far surpassed their men counterpart in the past 3 rounds of World Cup games. For instance, U.S has made it to Quarter Finals and Finals 7 times already. Whereas, in comparison, U.S Men national teams had not made it to neither Quarter Final, semifinal nor Final of the past 3 rounds of World Cup games.

•    Germany women and men national teams are both equal in terms of great results. Both gender-based teams have appeared 7 times in higher stages of World Cup.

•    Other interesting findings are that Canada, Norway, Sweden,  Japan, China and North Korea’s women national team have all made it far in Women’s World Cup games, but their men’s national teams had not made it even once to Quarter Final stage of men’s World Cup games in the last 3 rounds.

•    The only top national team that its men’s team is still doing better than their women’s national team is France. Les Bleus’ men national teams have appeared in Quarter Final, Semis and the Final 4 times in the past 3 rounds of World Cup, while their women’s team have made it far 2 times.
Of course, these results could change based on Women’s World Cup 2015 games, but this is the comparison chart so far.
Maybe not as surprising regarding Canada and U.S national teams, as all citizens of these two countries witness their women teams’ great results, versus their men national team’s poor games. But a very surprising finding was about Brazil and England National teams. Both top teams have superior women national teams than their men’s.

The goal of this article was not to make a gender-based argument, but rather to show the great development of top teams regarding their women’s teams. It is a relief to witness all these top teams are investing in their women teams’ improvement over the years. The best role model could be Germany, where both their men and women national teams’ consistency is in fruition. Another case would be that, Norway, Sweden, China and even highly-sanctioned North Korea are planning for a strong women national team foundation. Certainly these countries’ men teams have catching up to do, if the same focus and investment could be made in their men national teams.

Lets continue to enjoy and observe the remaining games of women World Cup 2015 games in Canada, as surely new surprises are in store for us.

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