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The most prestigious national football competition in Europe is just around the corner. In Summer 2016, France will host the most important National football competition in Europe. Euro Cup is a competition among elite qualified European football countries. Similar to World Cup games, Euro Cup games are held every 4 years. If fans recall, Euro Cup 2012 Final was a breathtaking match between Spain and Italy, in which Spain came out victorious in a 4-0 win.

However, as of this time and for the first time in this competition, number of teams has increased from 16 teams to 24 teams. Whether, that will affect the qualify of Euro Cup games, that remain to be seen.

I have already applied for tickets for a chance to watch few Euro Cup games in 2016. Prior to applying for my ticket, I was puzled with several questions such as ticket price range and venue of the games, I thought to share the most commonly asked questions regarding Euro 2016.

Which cities will host Euro Cup 2016 games?
10 cities in France are set to host the games. All major cities in fact. Amongst them, beautiful harbour cities as well.  The host cities are: Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Etienne and Toulouse.
The opening match will kick off on Friday June 10th in Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis- a suburb of Paris- which is located just 9km North of Paris.

When and where will be the Final game of Euro 2016?
The exhilarating Final match will be held on Sunday July 10th at Stade de France in Saint Denis, which is suburb area North of Paris.

How long is Euro Cup 2016 games?
Euro Cup 2016 games will last for one month. The opening game will kick off on June 10th and the Final or the last game of the Competition will be on July 10th.

Which teams will play in Euro Cup 2016?
Starting in this competition, 24 teams- increased from the usual 16- will compete for one Continental glory. All European teams have already gone through qualifying games and 24 of the best teams have secured their spot in Euro Cup 2016. These 24 teams are(in Alphabetical order):
1.    Albania
2.    Austria
3.    Belgium
4.    Croatia
5.    Czech Republic
6.    England
7.    France
8.    Germany
9.    Hungary
10.    Iceland
11.    Italy
12.    Northern Ireland
13.    Poland
14.    Portugal
15.    Republic of Ireland
16.    Romania
17.    Russia
18.    Slovakia
19.    Spain
20.    Sweden
21.    Switzerland
22.    Turkey
23.    Ukraine
24.    Wales

Which top teams missed out of Euro Cup 2016?
Netherlands, Denmark, Scotland and Greece are well-known teams who failed to qualify to Euro 2016 games.

Which teams compete in each Group?

The draw for Euro Cup 2016 Group games were made in December, and 6 Groups are as follows:

Group A:

Albania, France, Romania, Switzerland

Group B:

England, Russia, Slovakia, Wales

Group C:

Germany, Northern Ireland, Poland, Ukraine

Group D:

Croatia, Czech, Spain, Turkey

Group E:

Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Group F:

Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal

What is the format of the games?
Since the number of teams has increased, so has the format of the games. 24 teams are grouped into 6 groups of 4 teams.  Top 2 teams from each group will advance to knock out stage.  Also, something else that is new is that the four best 3rd place teams of each group will also progress to the knock out stage. Therefore, 16 teams in total will advance to knock out stage(round of 16 games). In the knock-out stage, extra time and penalty shoot-out will decide the winner, if the result is a draw. In round of 16, only the winner of each match will advance to Quarter Finals. Then the top 8 teams will compete in Quarter Finals, and then top 4 will advance to Semifinals, until the best 2 teams go head to head in the Final match.

What is the price range of Euro Cup 2016 tickets?
Depending on the importance of the match and the location of stadium seats, the prices vary. But this chart by UEFA explains different pricing for each match:

Euro Cup 2016 Ticket Prices
Euro Cup Ticket Prices

In Group matches, the price range is between 25 Euro to 145 Euro. This price includes Tax but delivery cost is not included.
However, the price of Opening match is more expensive. The opening match, which according to the Draw will be between France and Romania, costs between 50 Euro to 450 Euro.

The price range of Round of 16 games in Euro Cup 2016 has the same price as Group matches: Between 25 Euro to 145 Euro.

The match prices increase for Quarter Final games. Quarter Final games will cost in the range of 45 Euro to 195 Euro.
Semi Final games will cost somewhere in range of 65 Eurp to 495 Euro.

Naturally the Final match will be the costliest match of the competition. The Final match price starts at 85 Euro and will go as high as 895 Euro for the best seating area of the stadium.

How is the seating arrangement in the stadium? What is the difference between Category 1 and Category 4 seats?
The seats of stadiums divided in 4 categories. The map below from UEFA shows the seating categories of stadiums:

Euro Cup Ticket category
Euro Cup Ticket category

Category 1 seats are centrally positioned seats, which really has the best view of the pitch.

Category 2 seats are mainly in the corners. The seats in corners do have a fairly good view as well.

Category 3 seats are behind the goals. The problem with seats behind the goal is that you almost miss out on goals scored on other side of the pitch. Although big screens are placed everywhere in the stadium. If one has a seat in upper part of Category 3, the eye view is not too bad though.

Category 4 seats are behind the goals and on the lowest and highest levels. Lets just say, if one gets a ticket in category 4 and in lowest level, they barely see anything with eye view, but fans would have better view in highest level behind the goal.

Fans of the participant teams will be located in the corners of the stadium.

How can I buy the tickets?
It is not too late to buy the tickets yet. Now that we know the draw of Euro Cup 2016 and exact matches, fans can apply for tickets knowing exactly which teams they would expect to watch.
You need to open an account on ticketing page of UEFA.com and then select the games you like to watch. Applicants can apply for up to 4 tickets for each match in one of the four price categories.

Tickets went on sale for public in December and until January 18th fans can apply for their favourite team’s tickets or single match tickets.  Then, new application will not be accepted until March, where ticket resale platform will be available during the months of March and April, where fans can sell and buy tickets from other fans. Tickets are allocated by draw and lucky applicants whom are allocated tickets, will be notified sometime in May 2016 by UEFA.

There are 2 types of tickets you can apply for:
–    Follow your favourite team – 32% of tickets will be allocated to this group. In this category, applicant will select their favourite team and can follow the team from Group stage all the way to the Final.
Each country has its own criteria to accept an applicant as that national team’s fan. For instance, France National team only accepts applicants who are registered member of “club des Supporters members”. Also, they expect the applicant to have French Nationality to apply for “Follow France team” category of tickets.
–    Buy single tickets without following a particular team – 42% of tickets will be allocated to general public. For instance, one may only want to watch a Quarter Final match. Then they will apply in “Single match ticket category”.

How many tickets are available? What are my chances?
A total of around 2.5 million tickets will be sold for 51 matches.

The demand for these games is massive. To put it into perspective, back in June 2016, when tickets went on sale for a month: 1M Tickets became available, but over 11M ticket requests were made!

What is the Mascot of Euro Cup 2016?
The Mascot of Euro Cup 2016 is an animated figure called “Super Victor”. Here is biography of “Super Victor”: I’m just an ordinary kid, like so many others! I was born in a small town in France. My father used to be a good footballer and, since a very young age, I have always loved playing football with my friends. I am not as good as my father was, but I am always trying to improve my skills. For me the most important thing when playing football is to have fun and play fair!

Euro Cup Mascot

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