5 interesting facts about Euro 2016

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womenforfootball.com- Between whispers of desire among lovers in avenues of Paris, shouts of labour movements in the streets, and flooded rural area, there is another major event jazzing up the French streets this Summer. 15th Edition of Euro Cup, or European Championship will be hosted by France starting June 10th until July 10th.

Credit: uefa.com

For the first time in Tournament’s history, 24 European National teams will vie for the prestigious continental trophy; A significant increase from the usual 16-team Tournament.

Euro Cup is considered as one of the top Football Tournaments in the World.

As this exciting football Tournament kick-off in fewer than 12 hours of writing this article, we take a look at 5 interesting facts about Euro Cup 2016:

  1. Youngest squad: Switzerland.  Amongst 24 European giants, Switzerland has the youngest squad with average age of 26 years.  The oldest squad you may ask? That would be Slovakia with average age of 30.7.
  1. Coaches with previous experience at European National teams:
  • Romania’s manager, Angel Iordănescu at Euro 2016 takes helm of the team for the 3rd time actually.
  • Same at Turkey team: Turkey’s manager, Fatih Terim will manage Turkey National team for the 3rd time
  • England’s manager, Roy Hodgson had managed Switzerland back in 1992 and Finland in 2006.
  • Hungary’s coach, Bernd, had coached Kazakhstan before.
  •  Iceland’s manager, Lagerbäck, had coached Sweden in the past.
  • Portugal’s manager, Santos had coached Greece National team before.
  1. First time qualifiers: In Euro 2016, there are 4 teams who are considered first-timers to the Tournament: Iceland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Albania, all made it to UEFA EURO 2016 for the first time this year.
  1. Teams without European trophy: Amongst current 24 participants, only 5 teams have won Euro Cup before. Spain, Germany, Italy, Czech and France, have won European Championship before. Therefore, if any other National team, except the 5 teams above, wins Euro 2016, that would be a record and their first Euro Cup trophy.
  1. Teams with highest EU trophies: Spain and Germany are tied with this honor, having won Euro Cup 3 times before. France has won the European trophy twice.

We shall see how this tournament change the stats above. Which team will hold Euro Cup trophy this time? Will an underdog European team advance to the Final? What do you think?

Please share your thoughts and predictions in comment section below, and don’t forget to watch the games!


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