Summer Transfer 2016: Crazy Hot Summer in Europe

Posted by – It was a record hot Summer around the world this year. But despite some unusual record rainfall and flooding in some parts of Europe, it was particularly a hot summer in football transfer market in Europe.

A new record transfer of all time was set in Summer 2016, thanks to Paul Pogba’s astonishing 105M Euro transfer from Juventus to Manchester United. Paul Pogba’s transfer this year now surpasses that of Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo.
Afraid of falling behind, Italy’s Juventus club recorded 4th costly transfer of all time by bringing in Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli to Turin. To put it into perspective, Higuain’s transfer was costlier than that of Neymar’s.

Record transfers was not the only sign of crazy Summer this year. Again and for another consecutive year, English Premier League clubs surpassed their other European counterparts in spending spree during Summer. Despite having lower league ranking and performance in European competitions(UEFA Coefficient ranking), EPL clubs spent more this year during summer transfer, even comparing to themselves in previous seasons.

In this article, we will review the top 10 transfer of Summer 2016, most active European leagues in Summer transfer market, and highest spending European leagues and its comparison to the same time last year.

Top 10 Summer transfers in 2016:

1.    Paul Pogba:  Transferred to Manchester United.  Fee: 105M Euro.
2.    Gonzalo Higuain: Transferred to Juventus. Fee: 90M Euro
3.    Hulk: Transferred to SIPG of Chinese league. Fee: 55.80M
4.    John Stones: Transferred to Manchester city. Fee: 55.60M Euro
5.    Leroy Sane: Transferred to Manchester city. Fee: 50M Euro.
6.    Granit Xhaka: Transferred to Arsenal. Fee: 50M Euro.
7.    Henrikh Mkhitarayan: Transferred to Manchester United. Fee: 42MEuro.
8.    Sadio Mane: Transferred to Liverpool. Fee: 41,20M Euro.
9.    Shkodran Mustafi: Transferred to Arsenal. Fee: 41M Euro.
10.    Alvaro Morata: Transferred to Real Madrid.  Fee: 30M Euro.

Few observations about top 10 Summer transfers of 2016 indicate that:
•    Manchester United’s new manager, Jose Mourinho had the highest spending spree among other managers, buying 2 players with the cost of 147M Euro. Manchester City’s new manager, Guardiola followed suit, having 2 players in that list with the cost of 105.60M Euro.
•    Surprisingly, Arsenal, who is usually the least spender among EPL clubs had 2 high pay transfers in the list, with combined cost of 91M Euro.
•    Chinese teams are slowing making their mark in European transfer market. Chinese league team, SIPG, surpassed many other European clubs in transfer fee, for paying 3rd highest transfer fee, for the transfer of Hulk.

Most active European leagues in Summer 2016:
1.    Germany: 16940 transfers
2.    Italy: 6895 transfers
3.    England: 2858 transfers
4.    Turkey: 3122 transfers
5.    Spain: 2939 transfers
6.    Switzerland: 2193 transfers

As evident in the list, German and Italian clubs brought in and sold more players during this Summer transfer compare to other European leagues.

Of those most active European leagues in Summer 2016,  English teams spent as much as 1.39 Billion Euros this Summer, highest of all other European leagues, and %16 more  than last year.
Italian clubs were the 2nd highest spender with $713M Euros spent this Summer.
German clubs, although with much lower expense bill than EPL and Italian teams, spent %32 more this year compare to last year.
Spanish clubs, despite being 2nd best rated league by UEFA,  actually spent %15 less this year compare to last year. So did French leagues with %39 lower spending in Summer transfer 2016.

Summer 2016 football transfer

Overall, as numbers indicate, there is no correlation between best rated football leagues and their spending spree. English Premier League continues to dominate as top destination for footballers, despite struggling at Champions League games in recent years. Italian clubs are slowly catching up with attracting more players to the league and spending more on them. We have to wait and see if that will be reflected in elite games, and whether these record transfers help those clubs win domestic League and Continental trophies.

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