David Moyes under fire for ‘slap’ remark to BBC female reporter

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womenforfootball.com – Former Manchester United manager, and current Sunderland manager is under fire for his ‘slap’ remark to BBC’s female reporter, Vicky Sparks.

Vicky Sparks, as evident in this video, asked what many curious football reporters might have asked after Sundeland’s 0-0 draw against Burnley. Sunderland club owner, appeared in the stadium and eye-witnessed the disappointing draw in home-match for relegation-threatened team of English Premier League.

The question asked by Vicky was whether Moyes feels extra pressure when club owner is in the stands. In response Moyes rejected the pressure and added, with a witty tone that “Just getting a little bit naughty at the end there, so just watch yourself. You might still get a slap, even though you are a woman. Be careful next time you come in.”

Is this supposed to be a tasteless joke by Moyes? Because if it was, we do not get to hear this tasteless joke on male football reporters that “they may get a slap”, for a professional question they ask.

For years, we as female reporters had to prove our genuine passion and qualification to work as a football reporter. We also had to ignore the machoism remarks advising us of staying away from football, where we don’t belong. But in 21st century, where we see women football teams competing at highest level, female referees whistling intense matches, and female football reporters being regulars in competitive matches along with their counterparts, Moyes’ outlook and comment are hard to digest, and needs a careful consideration by English FA.

For now, only after the video went viral with condemnation by fans and experts from all sides, David Moyes apologized to Vicky.  Sunderland posted a statement in support of its coach, but English FA is reportedly reviewing the remarks of the English manager. Because a sexist comment deserves disciplinary action, just as seriously, if not more than other insults committed against media reporters, as happens occasionally, in press conferences.

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