World Cup 2018 teams: The Best, Youngest, Oldest & Most prepared teams

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womenforfootball.com – The wait is over. On the eve of Russia World Cup 2018, exactly 4 years since the onset of last World Cup football games, the best football National teams of the world are eager to kick-off their battle for World title.

32 teams,as usual but for the last time(it would be a 48-team Tournament as of WC 2026), in 8 Groups of 4, will officially commence their games, starting with host country, Russia against Saudi Arabia, tomorrow, Thursday June 14th at Moscow.

Before the games start though, lets review 10 facts about 32 teams in this World Cup. Teams with youngest squad, youngest coach, most successful coach, most prolific team, and most prepared team of all.

1. Most successful coach in World Cup 2018: Joachim Löw, Germany’s National football team, stands out as the most successful coach both in World Cup and other International competitions. He won World Cup glory with Germany in 2014, secured 3rd place finish with Germany in World Cup 2010, FIFA Confederation Cup title in 2017, European Championship Semifinal honor in 2012, and 2016, and Runner-up finish in 2008. No other manager of current teams in World Cup 2018 match Low’s record.

2. Oldest coach in World Cup 2018: Uruguay’s Óscar Tabárez, with 71 years of age, is officially the oldest manager of the Tournament.

3. The longest-tenured coach in one team: Uruguay’s Óscar Tabárez takes the loyalty honor. Tabárez was once Uruguay’s manager back in 1988, where he led Uruguay to runner-up title in Copa America, and World Cup qualification after that. He was in charge of the team until 1990. After several successful club stints, he was appointed as Uruguay coach once again back in 2006, and he has been the manager ever since, leading the team to every World Cup Tournament.

4. Youngest coach in World Cup 2018: The youngest coach among 32 managers you may ask? It would be Senegal team’s coach, Aliou Cissé, with 42 years of age. Previously, Senegal’s junior teams’ manager, he has been in charge of Senegal National team since 2015.

5. Oldest team of World Cup 2018: Lets talk squads and teams now. The oldest team in World Cup 2018 is Panama with average age of 29.6 years, which is quite high in terms of norms of football teams. With old age comes experience though. Lets see if their experience prevails over opponent teams’ youngsters.

6. Youngest team of World Cup 2018: In opposite direction, the youngest squad, among 32 teams, is that of Nigeria. With average age of 25.3, they are the youngest talent to watch out for in this Tournament.

7. Oldest player of World Cup 2018: It would not be surprising to see that a goalkeeper takes this badge. Usually in football, goalkeepers are the most experienced and most aged of the group. But Egypt’s goalkeeper, Essam is quite passed the average age. With 44 years of age, he is the oldest player of World Cup 2018.

8. Youngest player of World Cup 2018: Australia’s right winger is the youngest player of all. With only 19 years of age, Daniel Arzani will kick-off his first World Cup appearance for Australia in this Tournament.

9. Most prepared team of World Cup 2018: Usually highest number of friendly games is a good indicator of a national team’s preparedness for a major Tournament. Just counting the quantity, and not quality of the friendly games, South Korea seems to be the most prepared National team compared to the rest of the teams. Having played 40 friendly games since World Cup 2014, they have surpassed average number of friendly games (22 games) played by other teams of the Tournament.

10. Least prepared team of World Cup 2018: Counting number of their friendly games, Switzerland seems to be the least prepared team of the Tournament. Having played only 14 friendly games, it would be interesting to see if they are prepared enough against Brazil, Costa Rica, and Serbia, while eyeing knock-out stage and further stages.

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