Luka Modric

Ballon d’Or 2018: 5 reasons Luka Modrić deserved Ballon d’Or more than Ronaldo & Messi

Posted by – Wasn’t that like a fairy tale? A baby-faced, 33 years old Croatian who worked his way up from Croatian league, to Tottenham, and then every player’s dream,  Real Madrid, and that even there, he was always overshadowed by stars like Ronaldo, Kroos, Bale, but that did not stop Luka from trying his best in every match. Until on Monday Dec 3rd, his dream came true and he won Ballon d’Or: The Prestigious Award given to best player of the year of any origin in Europe.

Luka Modric
Credit: Sportingnews

If you are an avid football fan, you probably have noticed already that since 2008 until 2017, every year, Ballon d’Or Award, was given to either Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Most of the time, deserving so.But in the past season, considering Luka Modric had played in La Liga, had won Champions League title with Real Madrid, and had became Runner up with Croatia at World Cup 2018 in Summer, here are 5 reasons Luka Modrić deserved Ballon d’Or more than Ronaldo and Messi, in 2017-2018:

1. Luka did well both for Country and club in one season: Also, Croatia made it as far as Runner up stage of World Cup 2018. In comparison, To be frank, Messi’s performance for Argentina was bizarre, and although Ronaldo did well individually for Portugal but the team did not get far enough in the Tournament.

2. Superior Passing accuracy: One of the strength’s of Modric is passing accuracy. Although his position is Midfielder and not striker like Messi and Ronaldo, but his passing accuracy stands at 89%, much better than %81 of Ronaldo, his team mate at Real Madrid in the same season, and Messi at Barcelona.

3. Winning Golden Ball of World Cup: Winning Best Player of Tournament was another proof to the judges and journalists who voted in Ballon d’Or that eventhough Luka Modric’s team did not win the tournament, his superior skills and teamwork was evident throughout the tournament.

4. Consistently strong in his through balls: Modric was architecture of almost every attack at club and World Cup games. Unlike his peers, in recent months, Ronaldo and Messi, he didn’t have on and off days or injuries, and his coaches knew they could rely on Luka.

5. Messi and Ronaldo had won Ballon d’Or 5 times already:  As lame as it sounds, this could be a factor for football journalists’ decision makers to prove that they do not want to bore fans again. Even if it is deserved.
In this case though, as we shown, Luka Modric deserved the Award this year.


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